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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I smile wide and talk much of what I know to be true. I tap letters and words and confuse quotations with commas, but I type on because that's how I come clean. That's how I show you the dirty corners of my life.

 I laugh nervously at the cluttered up floors when my niece comes over to visit as she trips over a toy. But I know she appreciates my messes. She knows my lived in, floor cluttered, dishes in the sink kind of messes are just real life......

And you can't be fully cleansed if you don't walk life honest and true. And I know I tell you over and over I need to be REAL because anything less is more failure in my sin soaked life. Being real is being tangible, touchable, approachable, lovable, gracefully acceptable.....And me? I'm all about GRACE.....I'm still learning GRACE.....

It seems I'm living this life in a whirlwind that keeps on spinning out of control and I'm trying to get it to stop so I can get off and ask for directions......

My peace only comes when I open God's Atlas......He seems to be telling me, showing me more and more how I need to just BREATHE and then LOVE. Love the diversity and the tangled up messes. To learn to LOVE uncertainty, because HE  is certain that He's Got this! My job is not to worry about the future. He is already there. I can't change the world with my words, but I can change the mess inside me.

With anything it always starts with just one.....One thought, One mind, One Heart, One Word, One tear, One sacrifice........

You can't stop the world but, you can start a LOVE REVOLUTION with-in you.

REVOLUTION: A sudden, complete or marked change in something............ or someone.

Anger breeds darkness and covers all of what's innocent and true. Hold your tongue from the lashing and whipping of hurtful words and speech. Love what is pure and true. Speak only what is encouraging to others. TRUTH is LIGHT........ Arguing and disagreeing separates and destroys. The "dark one" seeks to destroy all that is GOOD.

Forcing opinions or beliefs on anyone makes them run away, but LOVE makes them want to stay........

Love is UNITY. LOVE is REAL and I'm all about REAL.


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