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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How To Live This Life And Still Have JOY

What I have lived and know to be true is that change is hard but, it is needed to grow. To be stretched is to venture into new territory and find another kind of wild peace......Because no matter where you go, His untamed LOVE always follows.....
What I know is, happiness and laughter should not come from taring someone else apart. If you find yourself in laughter because of someone else's failures or struggles then maybe you need to look with in and find what's failing in you........
Being judgmental should be left to the supreme Judge of this life. You can not judge what you have not lived. BUT you can live in a way that makes others see LIGHT. I believe people need to bring more GRACE to the table than judgement.......
I believe that WE can not fix all things. Some things are better left to God. Some things are none of your/my Business. You never know how God may be working in one's heart. He doesn't need us stirring the pot when He has them on simmer for a reason.
At the same time I know that when God says to move we need to move. When He says to speak, we need to talk in accountable love. We need to learn to listen to His undeniable Voice.We need to be able to separate our desires from His, so that in time we desire what He desires......That's how we live for the King. We empty ourselves of all that drowns us in sin and He fills us up with His Glory.

What I know is that ignorance is not bliss. It's a silent, deadly killer of precious life and freedom. And we all need to be aware of our surroundings. We need to inform and be open enough to be informed. It is then we have the right to make a clear, justifiable decision.

I believe that we have a choice. The freedom to choose JOY.
I believe that we should laugh a whole lot more than we do. Hug more often....even when it's awkward and you just don't feel like it.....

I believe that you should keep secrets when you are told to keep them.  I believe that if you love someone, then you will have respect for them...cherish them and not talk bad about them....I believe that even if you don't love that someone,WE should still keep our mouths shut.
I believe we have no right to complain about the simple things, complaining just makes life all that much harder on you and those that have to listen to you. Because I know that there are those that have it so much worse than you and I and they still have their JOY. They still feel blessed when it looks like they have absolutely nothing. They truly believe they have all they need while praising their Savior. I believe we need to learn from those brothers and sisters.
I believe you should always look for the good in someone even when you can't see their tiny flame flickering, because GOD may be stoking the embers.

I know that if you need someone to believe in you all you have to do is look up. No one believes in you like the Holy Father does!

What I know is that this life is but a whispered breath....There is no time for putting off and putting one on hold to fulfill an empty act that will mean nothing to their future and the future of those that will become your grands. What you do today matters to all of their tomorrows.......Whether you are 25, 45, 65, or 95 this one concept is critical! People live in a way that they have seen and watched others live. How are WE living?

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