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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wishing Stars

If wishes were miracles all wrapped in disguise,would we wish a little harder?

I've heard it said before that "wishing is for fools and praying is what real Christians do".......

I believe you can tuck wishes into prayers.

 I must confess, I've wished upon many "first stars I see tonight" only to get no response.

When you begin to realize, when things start to make sense......When you come to understand that you were created by Him, for Him.....We were created to LOVE HIM; then your wishes become HIS.

A wish is a desire expressed. God created the wishing stars........

We tend to confuse the power of His design with the power of the Designer. We prayerfully wish to the Designer, not the Design.

When you dream through God's eyes you envision His path, His desires.........His wishes.

The stars are shining  and singing sweet praises to their one and only Creator. They are the evidence that proves He is their Designer. 

What? You did not know that stars actually sing? 

When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy Job 38:7

Please take the time to watch this video above, it is worth your time!

Today I still make wishes, but not to the stars...... I have a lot of wishes all tucked up with prayer and I send them off to my Creator!

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