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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Mama With My Cape Tied on Too Tight

I say it all the time.....I try and make it known as much as I can.......I'm constantly reminding myself and  others, I'm sin soaked.

I never want to appear fake or that I'm this Super Mama with her cape tied on too tight. I never want to fly so high that I will never be able to come back down. He constantly convicts me when I feel the need to take flight and leave my humble position I try so desperately at times to hold on to.

And my children keep me on bended knee, because honestly I can't walk this Mama journey alone. And don't we all want a pat on the back for things done right, for moments filled with accomplishments? For as much as I get right there is still so much more I tend to get wrong.

 Life has seasons...... As the years go by I feel I am being seasoned to all those things I never had the patience for. I'm understanding now what it means to be a Wife and Mama. And I want to share with you what I have learned so far.......

I use to worry about what may come. Over the years I have learned that because of that worry I filled my mind with the un for-seen that never took place....Oh to have had precious thoughts that could of filled my mind instead. I learned that worry means I didn't trust HIM enough. My Faith was so weak......

I use to fret over things out of place and toys on the floor. And now, well I have to be honest I still fret a little but not near as much. I was once told by a very wise woman in my life that the mess was the sign of life being lived.....All real and not fake. I've learned that the Better Homes and Garden houses were just that....they were meant for the Magazine, not real life. And Oh Beloved I want to be REAL.

I've learned that you can't hug and kiss too much.......Actually I'm still learning that one because when I'm dead dog tired I tend to forget how important that love touch is. I become selfish and draw into myself. So now I try and envision moments with out them and would I be satisfied with the time I spent with them? Or would I remember the times I pushed them away and said "not right now".

I believe your kids need to see you mess up so that you can teach them GRACE and FORGIVENESS. So they know that YOU. ARE. REAL. TOO.

I believe you need to Give more GRACE than you should receive GRACE.

And sometimes a Daddy's tough love is just what they need and you should never interfere with that kind of love.

I use to try and find that "me time" and found that I was left wanting more.....I was never satisfied with just a few hours here and there. I discovered that what I really needed was "HIM time". He truly is relief for a weary soul. And now I find that I don't want to leave my babies at all.....Because all too soon they will be leaving me. I'm 17 years into raising my son and I still can't believe his little chunky hand use to fit inside mine, how I use to play with the soft blond curls on top of his little head.......

I believe now more than ever that there is no higher calling than being a Stay @ Home Wife and Mama. If you stop and think The Mama has the power to change the world for her hand is the one that rocks the infamous cradle.......

I've learned that instead of talking about needing change you can be the change right where you are. You have to start somewhere, it might as well be with you! And oh beloved once you start your journey of change, watch it trickle on down through, like a water fall washing over every one around you.

I told my Sunday School class today, "Saul turned a 180* flip into Paul. So when the  people around him were watching, they saw a man changed.....A man that every one thought, was impossible  to break from his stone cold heart and his evil driven ways, but only through Christ was it possible for Saul to flip to Paul."  You Can flip too, through CHRIST......I did.......

I've learned that with out Christ I have nothing......................And with HIM I have EVERYTHING!

And even though sometimes there are those mornings I forget and rise with out Him; I'm learning how much I need Him....Not just in the mornings. I'm finding I carry on little conversations with Him through out my day and ya know, I believe I'm falling in love more and more everyday with the one who holds my soul.

But, most importantly..........When God is first, your everything else just falls into place. Honest! I speak from experience! *Smile*

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