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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caramelized Onions Over Cheddar Burgers

Want a quick and easy, tasting pleasing supper? This is what we had the other night.....
Caramelized onions over a cheddar cheese burger, with oven baked potatoes and lightly sauteed zucchini.

This is ground beef from our very own home grown steer that we raised. I added lots of salt, pepper and seasoning. I also added 3 eggs because we have an abundance of them and I try and use them up in as many ways as I can possibly think of. Plus they help hold the burger together!
  Then I made them into nice big, round, plump patties....
Plopped them in a fry pan...Excuse the blurry picture. Don't know how that happened......
In another fry pan I melted some butter and threw in some sliced onions. You don't want to over cook these cuz then you will have mush!
Oh I need to back track a little bit before you start your burgers get your taters in the oven drizzle olive oil over them and crushed garlic, sprinkle them with season salt and turn the oven to 400*.
Keep your eye on them and at about the last 5 to 10 minutes of baking turn the broiler on and get them nice and toasty!

While your melting your cheese on your burgers throw your zucchini in the pan that your onions were in and lightly saute them.
Place your caramelized onions on top of your plump, juicy, cheddar melted burgers. Mmmmm so yummy!
Plate your hot steamy food, wait til all the family is sitting at the table and if your anything like my house we usually have a few kiddos who beg to be the ones to say GRACE over our grub, And then dig in and eat slow so you can savor each bite!

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