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Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Not home Yet!

My heart is aching for what use to be simple to grasp. For what we once were as a nation. And now I'm standing here looking at a Fundamentally transformed society that I don't even recognize to be the freedoms and virtues I grew up with........

And some say I'm just old fashion, I'm stuck in the past and I should move on. If I were to be really honest with you I would tell you I really hate the road that the American people are choosing to coast along at a fast rate of speed.

We were founded upon principles, good solid Christian principles and you can argue with me and tell me I'm wrong but the facts still hold truth and truth still holds fact.

They all came over on a ship to get away from a tyrant government. They fought hard and died hard. They never quit fighting because freedom to choose and freedom to live the way they wanted to, was so worth the battle they had to endure.

It took  many years to break free from what kept them enslaved.........

And this once Great Nation stood strong and powerful. She did not back down to her enemies. She did not apologize for her strengths and her virtues because FREEDOM had come at a huge cost. She pitched in and bailed out those who needed her. She is still pitching in and bailing out..........

Now we are sacrificing our freedom for so called "Safety" and we are freely giving it away.

Our families are being torn apart at a rate so fast it's out of control.

Good healthy competition between our kids is now deemed unfair.

God has been stripped away from our schools and we are now finding our children indoctrinated with sharia law....And no one is speaking out. Our Parents are not crying out!!!!!!!

God's sacred marriage between Man and Woman is slowly being dismantled State by State. And we say nothing for fear of offending.....

The Freedom to say the name Jesus in public has consequences and a man was sent to jail for it. Right here in America!

But we can share the muslim brotherhood with out fear........

Our babies are being murdered at a rate of about 1 million a year, but we save sea turtle and eagle eggs because they are more important.....

The role of a stay at home Mama has been devalued so much that our Mama's actually believe they have no patience to stay home with their kids and that motherhood is nothing but a huge undertaking with no benefits. They believe that just having 1.2 kids is plenty and any more is a tragedy.

Our children are being sold into human trafficking...Yes you read that right! Right here in the good ole' USA.

Our rights are being stripped away day after day and we sit silent.......We can't even drink a large soda if we want....or drink raw milk if we choose. But it's safe to drink and eat the chemical laden foods and drinks the government deems safe.

The land of the free is now being transformed back into the very same thing our ancestors fought so hard to get away from.

I may lose friends over this post and that's okay. You see I remember growing up and knowing and living all of these freedoms. I know what it feels like to be free. And even if I'm trapped in bondage here in America, I will never be enslaved by big government or tyrants because I know of the One who sets captives free! And you can't stop me from sharing and speaking the name  JESUS! All I know is I'm not home yet. This is not where I belong!

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