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Friday, January 25, 2013

But, The Way You See It........

I've asked this question before. You know the one....."Why do certain people come into your life?" The ones that don't stay for very long but, you wished they had. The ones that bring you pain and you wish they didn't.

My heart has been hurt in the past and I fear I have hurt hearts too......In those altering moments when life comes at you full bore and you wonder, What in the world just happened? And when your in the moment you have to ask, why?

Because the way you see it, you would have been fine with out it. Life would of gone on just fine with out the pain or the frustration.

And the way you see it.....the grief is just too unbearable......."How in God's Grace can I go on?"

And the way you see it, You've done everything just right. You thought you tried real hard. And yet it wasn't hard enough.......

No matter what you do or what you say.....they will never see things your way. When the apologies aren't enough. And you have to let go just so you can keep that one thing that makes you sane. And the way you see it you would of been better off with out them. Life would of ran so much smoother.

Sometimes people they come and no sooner do they arrive they disappear. You try desperately to keep in touch because your hearts, well they have become best friends.  Then the letters and the Christmas cards they return to sender, address unknown. I've been there. I was the sender........

I've lost people dear to me through death.....And over time after the grief I would have to say I wouldn't have missed it for the world! The love, the hugs, the moments forever etched in my mind.

No matter how people come into your life or why they go, remember It's all in how God sees it. It's what you learn from it. It's how you live after it. It's what you do about it.

It is God's Grace that helps you  move on. It's God's grace that helps you let go. It's God's grace that makes you stronger. It's all by God's Grace. It's how He sees it.

And when you don't understand while your drowning in the moment, know that He understands. He sees the big picture. He brings you out of the trauma or misery so you can be refined to see His Glory......His plan.

Know your never walking it alone. This is the battle ground before our final destination. He never promised an easy life, but He promised He would never leave nor forsake you. This life changing journey you are on......It's the way God sees it!

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