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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where Is God Now?

It's hard to enjoy the day with out feeling guilty for having what others have lost and yet I feel so blessed all at the same time. Such a crazy mix of emotions. I find my self turning the TV off because I can't bare to put myself where they are right now.

And people are wondering where is God now?

I can tell you that God is right where this Nation has put Him. Off to the side, out of the picture, out of our schools and out of our towns. He is only doing what has been requested of Him.

But does God ever really leave the scene of the broken hearted?

I don't believe so. He's always just a whisper away. Why did He allow this to happen? Well, I don't believe any one has the answer to that. All I know is this world needs a Savior.

And doesn't He make good out of evil? Doesn't He turn something so horrendous into GOOD for those that Love Him? We may not see the ripple effects right away. And then again are we seeing it now?

The love of community and people drawing close, huddled in churches and praying to God. He's the only comfort in the midst of such tragedy.

And isn't that what we are called to do?...To reach out to Him. To reach out to each other.  Love on one another. Help build stronger communities so that we can have stronger, healthier families. The love of Christ can be found in an open heart willing to receive. And once He takes up residence, there will be no room for evil. All the darkness is washed away with brilliant light.

But it's not just in tragedies....He wants to hear from you in all the small ways. In the very little things that make up your day. He wants your every day. He wants to be invited back into our homes, our schools and in our communities.....

Most importantly He wants to be invited into your heart.

You see, where there is light the darkness has to flee.

I believe there is a reason that this Nation stood strong and tall for so long. It's because she was founded and built by Christ loving men.

And now we are seeing her get weaker....Her structure has fractures and she is starting to break.... Soon if we don't pull together as a nation...she will fall and we will continue to see more horrific tragedies like Sandy Hook.

As I am waking up to the sun rising in the east. I am reminded to love my family and care for my neighbors. Help those in need. Keep visual over the broken hearted. I'm praying for the eyes and heart of God....So that I may see what He sees. So that my heart breaks for what breaks His. This paragraph is full of action verbs. Love is an action verb. Things will never change unless we Love with Action!

America's children need stability and protection. They long for loving homes and stronger communities. They need to be allowed to pray in school and on the streets again. We need to lay down our phones and technical gadgets, get off the computers and live, love, actually touch those around us with our presence. We will only get stronger and healthier if we get involved. We can make a difference!

Where is God now? He's just a whisper away.........


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