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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cloth Diapers

This is my sixth child but, she is my first to be in cloth diapers. Well......my first to stay in cloth diapers. I tried them almost 17 years ago with my first born and let me tell you cloth diapers have come a long way baby!

I have three different kinds but just two name brands. Gro-via and Bum genius 4.0.

My lovely little model is wearing bum genius all in ones. These little gems are one size fits all. Well all the diapers I purchased are one size fits all.

These are probably my favorite. These are the ones I put on her the most. If I had the chance to purchase again I would probably buy just these.

Bum genius with inserts

These are the bum genius with the inserts. I don't mind using them but I would rather not use them at night. It's too frustrating trying to stuff the inserts in the shell in the middle of the night. I'm not quite awake enough to be messing with the little things. So I mainly use the all in ones at night, unless I haven't done laundry.


And these are the Gro-Via. They have Velcro closures but snaps for the inserts. The Gro-via are nice but I find I have to change these more often. They tend to not  absorb as well as the bum-genius.

You may find that you have to change the cloth a little more often than the disposables but, it's not overwhelming more.
This is the soap I use to wash them. I bought it off of Amazon.

There are two things that you absolutely must have if you want a better experience with the cloth diapers and that is a large wet bag to put in a closed top waste can. The second is a sprayer that your hubby can hook right up to the toilet. It power washes those dirty diapers off right into the toilet! No more dunking the diapers! Yuck! This is what sold me on trying them. I remember dunking and I hated it!
 I use Thieves spray to keep the smell away! I just spray the inside of the can and nobody knows they are there!
You also have to hang dry your diapers but, the inserts you can throw in the dryer.

I bought my cloth diapers from Cotton babies. They have tons of information on all cloth diapers!

So what's my opinion on cloth diapers? So far so good. I like them. I don't mind washing them or hanging them to dry and I'm saving money!


  1. Have you looked at Green Mountain Diapers? They are really good also!

    1. No I have not...I will have to check them out thank you!