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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let Them Play With The Cookie Dough!

Flour covered counter tops and an old wooden rolling pin in the hands of my precious Mama.....There are some things you just grab onto and hold them tight, forever in your mind. And as simple as they seem, each moment paints the portrait of your life.

More than a Mama's words could ever have impact on a child's heart.....It's the actions, it's your actions they remember the most. Your heart is what they see all raw and open or all locked up and cold.
I find myself in all the simple brush strokes of my Mama's portrait. Mama would always let my sister and I play with the cookie dough. No matter how messy. I see Lil' Miss Patience standing at the counter as if she were my mirror image from 40 years ago.I love how God painted her into my life. I've told you before that she was the gift of patience.

I want her to remember Christmas not hurried. I want her to know that it's in the Giving that we receive the gift. I want her to know that Christ is the ultimate gift. I want her to look long and hard at the manger scene beneath our tree. I want her to feel Christmas in her heart.

This Christmas, as your going about your busy-ness.....Try and remember to slow. Let them play with the cookie dough. Messes can be cleaned up but,  precious time can't be given back. And hearts turn hard and cold when they are not warmed by simple moments. But most importantly give them Christ.

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