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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Elephant Project

For a while now I have had this big elephant project. It sat on the table in our dining room off and on for months. I kept telling her, "I'll get to it, please be patient."

And there never seemed to be a moment until I finally made the time. You see I told her a while back that I wanted to show her that I loved her by giving her my time. I wanted to do something special for her.  The time went on and she kept asking when was I going to show her how much I loved her? When was I going to make the time?

We finally sat down the other night, Butterfly girl and I and I started to sew the elephant. We had pieced it together a while ago. It was nothing but a bunch of squares sewn together. We put the pattern on top and cut around it. With each step I kept telling her "I'm no seamstress! Please don't expect much. It might not even look like an elephant by the time I'm done."

She kept reassuring me that no matter what it looked like she was going to love it anyway, because I made it.

And no matter how many times I mess up on this Mama journey she still loves me any way. Even when it might not look like an elephant.
I'm a slow learner and sometimes a repeat offender. I know what it takes and yet I'm selfish of my time. They remind me why I'm here. They tug at my heart and show me unconditional love. Love I sometimes....Honestly, sometimes I just don't deserve to be loved this way. My kids are often so Christ like.  I often learn through them!

The elephant project is finished. The trunk is shorter than it suppose to be. Mama didn't measure accurately. And it's tail and bottom aren't perfect but you know what? Butterfly girl told me she loves me anyway!

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