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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking Up A Whole Lot More

When life comes apart at the seams and the choices and decisions unravel all that was made good, look up.

 The other night I wept but, the next morning I was given peace and He told me through His word that I am to look up and set my eyes on Him. Not on Leaders of Nations and the worries of tomorrow. This place that I hold dear, The Mountains and meadows........ The Freedom and Liberty......Old Glory....

She was fought for by many and so many more were lost in the name of FREEDOM. If you read History there is not a nation in this world ever, that has stood strong with out GOD. They have all collapsed when the nation's people refused to look up.

And America, she is ripping apart at the seams. How do you save her? How do we save her?

We as His people have become too complacent. We have backed down when we should of stood up. Turned coward and lost our boldness. Leave our kids to people who will indoctrinate them with anything but, the truth! And when they come home we forget to ask what they have learned so that we can bring them back to truth. We have given up and become passive. Let go of what we hold dear.

We let men decide what is right and wrong instead of measuring our life to God's standards. We put the Bible down and become desensitized robots to the very people our Fore Fathers were battling to break free from.

WE accept that Islam is okay to be taught in our schools when "our little Johnny" can't even bow his head in prayer.We have forgotten our roots and let so many rewrite our History...Our heritage is being lost! If you don't remember History.....History will keep repeating itself!

My heart is torn at how divided our Countrymen have become!

Marriage is sacred! Life is Precious! Family is to be valued! But God must come FIRST!! We leave Him out of the equation and His hand of blessing will no longer hold our Beloved country together!

So as she is being torn apart I choose to stand strong and educate myself and those around me. I am here just passing through...This is not my home, but while I am here I will look up as I keep my eye on the prize. Love passionately, Help those in need, reach out to the lost and hold God's word to be the undeniable TRUTH. And if you challenge me I will be ready to confront you in LOVE and in TRUTH! I won't back down! I'm not one for confrontation but, isn't that why we are in the mess we are in?

1 Timothy 1:5:
But the Goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere Faith.

I want to live with a sincere faith. I will not be complacent or passive. We have already sat on our hands and closed our mouths for far too long!

What I have learned.....What I am doing now more than ever is TRUSTING Him a whole lot more. Praising Him a whole lot more. I am asking where I can serve. I am looking up a whole lot more! Because putting your trust in leaders of Nations...in mere mortal men will ultimately unravel what is good.....

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