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Friday, November 2, 2012

Becoming Real, Because We Were Made For Grace

Is it okay to always show the better side of you? Because He never promised us that this life down here would always be perfect.

And how do you become real without clanging like a resounding gong? How do you let people know you've messed up with out stripping down raw to the shameful nakedness of it all?

I've been known to have horrible days all mangled and derailed off course...I've been that resounding gong. And instead of asking for help I complained and clanged loud. There was never comfort in any of it, for anyone.

To be real I had to rediscover GRACE all over again and then let it wash over this sin soaked Mama. I had to TRUST in Him who gave this life to me. I found Mentors who took my hand and hugged my neck while bathing me in prayer. Because they've already walked this road and stumbled on the rocks of reality.

I believe it's uplifting to show the better side of you but, at the same time it's encouraging to show the real you, the one who messes up and still through it all you can reveal His GRACE. Because always complaining never gets you any where.....But asking for help, learning from the mess and sharing what He has done to help you clean up your mangled and derailed day is BECOMING REAL.

And honestly, I do believe you have to strip raw and sometimes it's shameful........But GRACE soon covers up what makes us cringe and turn from embarrassment. And somehow your ashes are turned into wisdom and beauty. It's a wisdom you were meant to share with that one Mama struggling to see life clearly, struggling to see the beauty in it all......

In this journey it's knowing that your not alone. Your never alone. Because being a Mama isn't always easy and I have yet to find one who has it perfectly mastered. And can I just tell you, beware of the ones who seem like they do......you will be disappointed when you find out that she is learning to be REAL just like you and me....

Because we were made for GRACE!

If you need to be bathed in prayer this morning, just quietly slip me a note and I will be faithful in prayer to you.

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