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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Time

I feel God leading me....And you will know when He says it's time.

Years ago I met my mentor at church and I was in awe of her. Her grace, her wisdom, and how she handled situations and the people around her.  I wanted to be her......

I asked God to let me lead like that. And He said wait....I bought books and read His word.....and still He said wait......And there are times when you feel He is preparing you for something that is beyond your very own plan.

So I put the books away but, I kept his word near my soul...... let them fill my heart and grow my mind.

This wanting and yearning to be that mentor...to be the one to encourage...to lift up....to let them know they are not alone, well it all happened about 10 years ago. And through the years of growing and stretching....learning and stumbling. He now says it's TIME.

Like any great recipe it has to be well seasoned. And as you add more spices and stir the pot, the flavors start to mingle to make a cherished recipe. The kind that you hand down from generation to generation. What are we handing down to our children? How are we stirring the pot? Are we going by the recipe or are we making it up as we go it alone?

I feel Him pull me in this direction and I'm just patiently letting Him lead. Because I've learned over the years to not rush His plan. Never take it and make it your own.

You see what I have learned, what He has been preparing me for is something I feel so compelled to share. I want to help in any way I can. I want to share with young Mamas, the journey that I have been blessed to live. I've been blessed with messy diaper days, all turned upside down crazy days. I've been blessed with cuddle up days and making cookie days.

I even been blessed with days all done wrong, screaming and yelling days. Loss of patience days and falling on my knees asking for forgiveness days.

I want them to know that the precious gift of being a Mama is God kissed and Heaven sent. It's a Holy calling, the highest of professions.....The only profession that will truly matter to you when the silver glistens in your hair.

Because I never want to look back and see wasted years full of regrets........

I want them to know that I have not yet arrived...I am still on this wild ride of ups and downs but I am learning how to roll with the blows and the twists and turns. We all will get hit with hard situations....It's in how we handle them that effects their lives. You can either strip them of peace, joy and Love or you can be who Christ has called you to be....Filled with PEACE, JOY and LOVE.

So as I wait for Him...Would you be so kind and pray for me and this new adventure I am about to go on. I'm not really sure how it's all going to pan out but, I know it will be wonderful because it's His plan and not mine. His timing and not mine.......I am His.

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