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Friday, November 30, 2012

Be Good, Do Good, Live Good!

I've always known this ........There is good in the places and spaces that we inhabit even when all you hear are the hurts and tragic events of everyday life.

Sometimes to know and see the good is to go and look for it but, there is something better you can do. Be good, Do good, Live Good! When all else fails and your buried by the weight of this world, get up, get out and be the Good news! Be the light in this ever darkening world.......

Touch a heart. Feed a soul. Help the poor. Make someone smile. Hold their hand and lend them an ear. Look for ways to be the Good News....Every day all day. In your home and out.

I always make a point to let someone a head of me in line at the grocery store. Actually it's become a small habit of mine. The Good doesn't have to be big. Lot's of times it's the small and simple that make the biggest impact. Showing someone patience especially when you have 6 kids and a full grocery cart and your still insisting they get in front of you....Oh if I had a picture for all of the shocked faces!

Yes there is still Good out there......Especially if you are the one doing Good!

Here is a Good News story I found. It should make you SMILE!

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