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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Through The Crack Of The Door

Despite all my short comings and all the days done wrong I still see hope and grace through the crack of the door.

Lately my weeks have all been up in the air. Schedule went out the window sometime ago.....A new baby will do that, and yet I still give thanks. But I still have to ask for grace....I need to be wrapped in His grace. There have been days when I've forgotten all about my meek and gentle spirit. I tucked her away and let the sin soak her up like a sponge......

And still through the crack of the door I see hope and grace.

Despite all my bad decisions and how I let the world creep in, this sin soaked Mama was reminded last night of all my gifts. All my precious gifts. And even though I mess up I still strive to be more like Him. To raise my children to walk in His path.

Last night as I walked down the hallway to check on my "Little Miss Patience" who was sick with fever. That's when I saw hope and Grace through the crack of his door.

My son just got this job and it only lasts for three weeks through the Christmas season. Last week he manged to get in 64 hours. He was dog tired and could barely lift his head to eat. This week will be even busier. He has come home at 10:00 the last couple of nights.

I am put to shame. My head hung low with guilt but, my spirit was filled with Joy. Through the crack of his door, I saw his lamp lit by his bed reading his bible before he went to sleep. As tired as he was he still made time, he made time for God.

This morning when I went to look in on Sunshine girl, there by her head was her bible and her journal with all different color pens. She was doing her bible study last night before she fell a sleep.

And how many times have I went to bed just too tired to lift up His word and soak it in.

Yes despite all my short comings my husband and I have managed to raise Godly children Who are undoubtedly on fire for the Lord. And I am in awe of His presence when I seem to have failed so miserably. He speaks to them anyway and He speaks to me through them. I should be the example and yet again they are the example for me.

And I fall to my knees asking for His forgiveness and thanking Him for the hope and grace found through the crack of the door.


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