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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Contagious

For a while now there has been an old song that keeps playing over and over again in my head. It's the times we live in that bring it to my mind........"Good news" by Anne Murray. In the chorus she sings "I sure could use a little good news today."

It seems no matter where you turn, this world seems to get darker and darker by the day. There just doesn't seem to be any good news to be found.....

But then again I really haven't been looking. If your not careful you can drowned in all the muck and the mire this world  shovels out, and before you know it you have forgotten how to breathe. I've been feeling like that lately...So helpless. Really doubting if I can really make a difference on this huge round circle we call earth.

And in small ways He keeps whispering "Oh but Kimmy you can, you are making a difference. Right there where you are." You see, I think if we all start where we are the good news will spread out and become contagious. Just like bad news becomes infectious. Good news is the anti-biotic for the bad news germs.

We are all here for a purpose. We all have a job to do. Our job is to spread the "Good News"!

We have to start somewhere and in our home is where it begins. I truly believe that the fall of a Nation is turning our backs on God and our Family! Daddy and Mommy need to work on their hurts and stay together. Marriage is not just something you do and then when your tired of it, you just walk away. It's worth fighting for! Your kids are worth fighting for!

Jesus is the healing for all that bad news. He's what helps keep Daddy and Mommy together. He gets you through the muck and mire. Washes you clean, dusts you off and sets you on your way to be the contagious one. Have you ever smiled at a grumpy person? It's contagious they have no choice but, to smile back!

For the whole month of December I'm devoted to bringing you "Good News" and who knows, maybe it will be contagious and spread.

I challenge you to join me. Each week won't you find a little good news and share it with everyone? Leave your good news story in the comments below the post on Face Book, and watch and see how contagious it becomes!

I came across this video and I wanted to share it with you! Please watch! It's worth it!

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