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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Busy Boxes

This is just one of my five busy boxes for my two year old. This one has a Farm theme. Along with each busy box I have a "Main Busy Box" that holds things like Playdough, markers, crayons, paper and stamps. I also put things in there like shape sorters, games, counters and puzzles. The main busy box coinsides with the themed busy boxes because she may want to draw, mold and recreate what she is learning about.....and yes the extra things like the games, sorters and counters are for keeping her busy just a few minutes longer. *Smile* I will only be getting these boxes out during school. I don't want them to become boring and get mixed in with the rest of her things.
I also have a Creepy Crawlie theme, Dinasaur Theme, and Safari Theme.
My plan is to start her out by reading a story to her then letting her have fun with the goods.
 This little fold able canvas tote is a barn that unfolds into a barnyard. I packed it full with little plastic barnyard animals for creative play.
 And what child does not like puppets? I found these adorable little animal finger puppets to put on her tiny fingers....They fit Mama's fingers too! I had to try them out!
 I took some books off my shelf that I have had for years and put them in the box for story time. I also added a CD with audible stories for her to listen to.
Last but not least the ever famous string and lace toys...They will either prove to be frustrating or challenging, we will see.....

I will probably add more little activities to keep her occupied but I wanted to give you a glimpse into our busy boxes before we start school on Monday.

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