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Thursday, August 2, 2012

What If We Moved With That Kind Of Passion?

If we took all the passion and stepped out and stepped up. If we left it all with total abandonment.....All that keeps us busy, all that takes us away, all that keeps us silent, all that keeps us complacent.........

If we moved every day motivated by threats of our freedom taken...... Oh beloved would there have ever been a Row verses Wade? Would there have ever been senseless actions taken to slowly rip this Country up from her Christian heritage roots?

I've always tried to keep this place free of any political opinion........But I feel I must say that What has made this Country great is the FREEDOM that was so passionately fought for.....So that you and I can speak our minds and not be persecuted for it! I want you to know that you and I may not always AGREE......But we can disagree and still be friends. If I shut everyone out of my life because we have disagreed I would be one lonely soul!  I don't hate because of your freedom to believe and live the way you choose. As a Christian I am called to love those around me and to be a light in this dark world. BUT I am also called to speak TRUTH........And I have that freedom just as you do.

Yesterday MANY stepped out and stepped up........And I have to tell you it did this girl's heart good.....Because what I saw was a shimmer of hope through all this darkness.  All is not lost but, then my heart sank when I thought of how much we have already let go. When I came home and saw my niece's post "Overwhelmed by the support people are showing chick-fil-a. What would happen if we banned together like this when it comes to abortion, prayer in schools,etc???"............How much could have been saved?.....Who could of been saved?

And why the complacency all these years? Years of stepping down and walking away.........Years of not wanting confrontation and sleeping in ignorance. And some how we thought it would never come to this.......

If we moved everyday with the passion that took place yesterday would there be the homeless, the poor, the hurt, the lonely, the hungry, the lost, and the broken?

Oh I know that we would never be able to wipe it all away.....Every tear, every broken heart, every lost soul....But imagine what we could do if we took all that PASSION and stepped out and stepped up EVERY DAY!

I read a statistic the other day....There are 163 million orphans and rising in this world we live in.....If only 7% of the over two billion Christians in this world would step out and step up to adopt, the orphan crisis would be eliminated!

In this world it's too easy to be consumed with things that don't matter....We are bombarded by technology and gadgets that are suppose to make life easy.......In reality it sucks us away from life and all that it holds.....It tears us away from the hurt and the broken hearted....We often turn our hearts inward and sport those ROSE COLORED GLASSES............And we either believe All is well, or Why bother? It would never make a difference any way.....

What if we immediately answered God as if He were the next text or the next post on FB?

What if we felt threatened by our freedom being taken away every day?

What if we served with that kind of passion everyday?

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