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Sunday, July 1, 2012

He's Got This!

I look into the faces of people and I wonder about their story and the road they have traveled to get to where they are right now....... I never use to take the time to look into the eyes of strangers and consider what their story might be. I was quick to judge and lay the blame like a heavy blanket of burden added to their already troubled life.
 The road can be long and travel can be hard.....No one ever said this life would be easy. As I walk this path, the one that God has set before me, I ask Him to join me....to guide me because no matter how strong others think I might be, it's not my strength they see. He holds me up when this soul of mine feels weak.

And when I forget about stopping and refueling I am quickly reminded that I can not run on fumes alone.....He talks about a thirst that can not be quenched by anything or anyone in this world.....I can bare witness to the dry deserts of this life.....I've thirsted and tried the world's well and came up dry every time.

And it amazes me how rejuvinated I feel when I stop to take a drink from the well of life, the only one with Living water.

I'm always discovering something new when I open his word....Even the verses I've read before...I read them again and they quickly breathe and come to life and show me what I may have missed. What I wasn't willing to see or maybe what I wasn't ready to see.......

As I travel with my family this week I ask for your kindness and if it so moves you, could you pray for our safety? I have asked God to guide us every step of the way. And as I love on family and friends, I ask Him to give me the grace in the the things I may not be able to see  in the eyes of those around me.......To remove the heavy blanket of judgement and show them the comfort of mercy.......

My prayer is that in the short 10 days I will be up home I will make moments that will be cherished for a life time....Ones that I can tie up in beautiful ribbons and enjoy  for years to come. Are my expectations high? I don't think so....I think moments are what you make of them. Whether they turn out the way you expect them to or not...It's all in how you choose to handle them that matters. So if the moments don't turn out the way I would of liked....It really doesn't matter...It's all on how I choose to handle the ending.

 My heart is full and my soul is excited...my camera is ready and no matter how bumpy, how many rest stops, or how many pot holes...I know He's got this......He's got it all planned out and He is ready to guide us every step of the way....

Father I am yours!

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  1. That is a nicely framed image. The way the winding pathway is positioned really draws you into the image.

    Thanks for the post,
    You have a very nice blog. :)