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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Books We Fell In Love With

It's been busy here and then again I'm sure it's busy everywhere. This life that we live seems to get tangled up in to-do-lists, errands, work, and the everyday chores that seem to accumulate faster than we can conquer them! I was reminded today that I don't take a moment to pause near enough....

To read a good book, to spend time in His word, Pop in on family un-announced.....It's refreshing to keep in touch...To keep the doors open and the communication in free motion. Spent some time with family today to celebrate my great niece's 3rd birthday. Glad I went.....Sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget how important it is to live life with the ones we love! There will always be work, chores and errands to run....But we all have our days numbered. We all have an appointment with our maker. And I don't want to leave this life being remembered as the Mama, Friend, Sister, Daughter, wife who always had something else to do!

With that said I have a list of read alouds you will want to make time for.....I like books with a simple story line, one that every one in the family can follow...One that draws you in immediately and leaves you wanting more! I feel this short list of books has done that for my kids and I!

Elkan: This book is AMAZING. So powerful! This book will probably go down as one of our all time favorites! Stirred a lot of questions up about what it would be like if sin didn't enter in. The book will take you on a journey through creation to the crucifixion. The book stands on the authority of scripture! A definite MUST READ!!!

The Trumpet Of The Swan: Although this book is geared toward 8-12 year old's, I must say it even drew my two teenagers in. Don't tell them I told you that! *Smile* A good story about accepting others that may look or act differently than we do for who they are and learning how to love being who God made you to be!

Mountain Born: Sweet story about a shepherd boy learning to be a Courageous Leader!

The Boxcar Children: These books have always held my kid's attention. Through their many adventures we have enjoyed these stories. I believe it may be time to pull them out again!

Little Pilgrim's Progress: Yes! Yes! and Yes Again! A story of a Christian's walk through life.

Jonathan Park Radio Drama: These are great half hour shows that tell stories through a creationists point of view. Jammed packed with creation data from creation scientists world wide! These are good quality dramas that are not cheesy in their acting! We Love them!

Adventures In Odessey: Another great Christian Series that My kids have always enjoyed! They like to listen to them right before bed time. Great stories with biblical principals...Great lessons that teach kids what to do in many situations that may arise in everyday life!

These are just a few of the many we enjoy.....And are some of our very favorites through the years! I will share more when the time allows......


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