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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 I usually come here to this spot when I feel I have something worth while sharing. Or when life hits me hard and I need to be real with who ever stops by to visit. And I must tell you that I haven't had the words. I've tried to sit here and type what was on my heart.......And they say that writer's block can be a difficult wall to climb. So I go about life and live it....I walk away from the media and the things that tend to pull me away from moments meant to be made, and still I sit in a fog.
And it's funny how the simplest of comments and gestures made in the past can come full circle and find you when you feel like your lost. I don't know why I have my moments where I forget about the passion that lives inside of me....Why I bury it with everyday moaning and groaning of the same old everyday life sort of things that tend to wear me down and make me forget who I am. And why is it that I lose sight of the fact that I was created for His GLORY and not mine.

I get a text message from my niece today...She is reading the book "Kisses From Katie". She wanted to let me know how it has change her life and she's only on chapter 4. And she see's things and places in her dreams. She can envision God opening doors and using her in ways she would of never dreamed if she only abandons "her" plans and follows His lead. And through excited  messages bouncing back and forth I remember how that very same book caused a stir with in my soul. Oh to let go in pure abandonment of the things that hold me captive...And cling to the life and plans He has for me. To trust Him that much...to dare to ask Him what He would have me do next. And words are just words but, when actions are mixed in, what a beautiful portrait they create!
The enemy, he tells you lies and creates in you a doubtful spirit....A why bother attitude. I know, because lately I have been listening to all the lies.

Oh I may not be in Africa adopting baby girls and helping the poor and the sick, but I'm here, here in "my little africa" where I am needed and if I would just abandon what holds me captive.....I would have actions mixed with words and a portrait of how Amazing our God is......Oh He doesn't need me to prove anything.....I'm the one in need.....and all of this.... here in "my little africa" is worth living for.....worth thanking him for......worth fighting for.

 I may not have the plans set out in front of me, but I have to believe that He is holding my hand, guiding my every step. And I'm going to take that leap of faith and ask Him......Lord what do you want me to do...Where do you want me to go......How would you like me to serve?

If you haven't read "Kisses From Katie" yet I encourage you to do so........It's about total ABANDONMENT and the beauty that comes from it all!

And so I wait for doors to close and open. I wait in pure abandonment for the One who created me for His Glory and not mine.......

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