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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Lost Art of Home Making

I truly believe we are losing a generation that is taking their secrets with them. The ones with the little tricks that make that old fashioned recipe taste just how Grandma use to make it.........I believe homemaking is becoming a lost and dying art. Now more than ever we are teaching our daughters how to become successful in the world of business and career and forgetting about teaching what it takes to be successful managers of their homes.

And please hear my heart, I am not against having a career or becoming successful outside of the home.......What I am against is putting your home and family on the back burner while your burning out and becoming a robot to the world. And in this day and in this time I know there is struggle and trying to make both ends meet can be truly exasperating and overwhelmingly exhausting! I get that! I hear you........ I know what it's like to be in a family that had to struggle to make ends meet....I've been there! I watched my Mama and Daddy work until there bones ached to give us what we needed and even sacrificed to give us what we wanted!

But I also know my God is bigger than any of the stress this world often tends to dish out! And sometimes our priorities are not His. And if you asked Him what He would have you do, Could you be patient enough to wait for an answer? Would you except His answer? And are you, the one with misplaced priorities, actually causing more stress than there needs to be? I know I am to blame when it comes to priorities done all wrong!

I remember standing in the kitchen watching my Mama cook supper after a long days work. Tired and worn out, but even still she always manged that pretty smile as she patiently talked me through what she was doing and why she was doing it that way. I learned most of what I know from watching her, because she patiently took the time to show me the little tricks that made her meals so good!

And I am grateful for a Mama that worked 40 plus hours a week just to try and make both ends meet.......But I am most thankful because she never failed to see that Daddy and us girls were her first priority. She took the time to teach us how to manage a home. And just because she worked outside of hers did not mean she still wasn't in charge!

These basic homemaking skills are being lost and in their place are processed foods and tv trays. Big screen tvs and video games. Some where we have lost the ability to teach our children how to survive with out it being handed to them! We are forgetting they are our future and do we really want them running on fast food and always wanting the latest hi -tech gadget? Do we really want them not content in the simple things in life? Do we always want them wanting the next best thing, the next biggest thing?

We have to ask our selves if someday they ever get into a situation where "things" won't be easily available will they be able to survive? Will they know how to raise a God fearing family? Will they ask us one day....Why didn't you teach me? Why didn't you show me how to do this?

Raising a family is a lot of hard work! But I know of a really good place to start.........God and His holy, Living, Breathing word. Everything you ever wanted to know about raising a self sufficient family, who will be content with even the simple things in life, is in His book!

First ask Him what His priorities are for you and your family? Maybe you'll even find Him telling you to stay home for a time............There will always be time for that career and those "me time" moments.....Right now it's your family's time.......

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