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Monday, April 9, 2012

Being Prepared Is Biblical, Part 3 ------ Got Milk?

The next thing I wanted to talk to you about was Milk.....

Milk is one of those things that does not have a long shelf life, unless you buy the powdered milk. And right now your probably thinking YUCK! But this product has great reviews! It also has a 20 year shelf life!!! It's called Provident Pantry Instant Non Fat Dry Milk. You can also buy the regular but that has a shorter shelf life. With this 56 ounce can you can make 4.75 gallons of milk for $19.00 a can. The draw back is that it is a little bit more than a regular gallon of milk, but when you think about  the long shelf life and just investing in a few cans to save for emergencies, it's well worth the few extra cents! This is not something I buy on a regular basis. This is one of those things that I have stored in my pantry to be prepared!
We use a lot of milk for baking and cooking. We use  rice milk to pour over our cereal, this also can keep on the shelf until you are ready to open it.  Coconut milk is also used for baking and cooking and stores nicely in your cupboard. No worries about refrigeration until the time of use!

Unless you have your own cow, I believe just having these things on hand will give you a back up plan when any emergency arises......Even if it's just that you ran out of milk and you have to have it for Mac-n-cheese to be ready in an hour. It's convenient, it's there and your prepared!

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