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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Being Prepared Is Biblical, Part 4 Stocking Your Pantry

We go to Sam's about every six weeks to stock up. Usually I only buy a certain amount to last our family for those six weeks but, the last couple of trips I bought extra! I bought extra canned goods and staples to store away. To create a stash so to speak of supplies so that we are never left empty handed. I don't suggest going crazy and buying so much that it hurts your pocket for what you may need during the month. Just do a little at a time every time you go. And in no time you will see your Pantry brimming full of good things to consume. Also don't forget to rotate your stock! Always put the old in front to be used up first!

I will also be making an emergency kit and fill it with things like band-aids gauze and the like. I already have a band-aid box but, I want to revamp it a little.  I don't want to run around at the last minute searching for something I don't have time to search for. I also make my own tinctures for different things that may arise. Kids may be feeling under the weather and I have natural remedies on hand that will fight infection and illness. We also use YL essential oils and my Father in-law sells Eniva products that help boost the immune system!

I also have a place in my Pantry where I store bottled water. Water is not really much of a concern to us because we have a well. But for those just in case scenarios I want to have it on hand! I like to stock up on candles, matches and lighters. We have had our electric go out many times during storms and it's nice to have that constant glow. And if your a Yankee candle fan like me, the house will smell pretty too! Plus Yankee candles seem to last forever! And lots of times you can find them on sale at Christmas time! Flash lights are a must but, for some reason those pesky little things seem to grow legs in our house and walk off. So in the very near future I will be finding a hiding place for my flashlights and the batteries that go with them!

I was chatting with my niece the other night and she reminded me that I need to stock up on sure-jell so that I can make more Jam! Also I will be stocking up on my jars and lids for the harvest and canning season ahead!!

Happy Pantry Stocking!

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