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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Taste Of Both Worlds

I can tell you the surest and quickest way to truly see the world is to go out in it and not be of it. I can tell you the quickest way to make enemies.......Stand for truth. I can tell you that years ago I was of this world and had no courage to stand up for truth. And I was told about Truth many times and still rejected it! You see what people don't understand is that I had a taste of both worlds, not just one.

I know what secular means I was one......I know what saved means I am one.......And I love the latter of the two. You see I'm Time Warped. I'm a Bible believing Christian and I actually read it! I try very hard to live by it! I've seen miracles come from it! I am one of those miracles..........

I can tell you that after almost 20 years with My Savior I can stand my ground and speak for truth. I can also tell you I know when to keep quiet (most times). I've learned that having the last word is not always beneficial. And sometimes there is no softening a heart that's meant to stay hard.

And yes I hurt but, not for me.....I hurt for those who refuse to see TRUTH.....Who refuse to open their minds to the other side of secular. I didn't always have my nose in the Bible.......I've done my research........I've seen both worlds.............The price was high. The cost was deep. He paid my debt.

And I'm not meant for this World...............

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