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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quiet Ramblings And This Crazy, Busy Life

I have to apologize...I try and plan. I try real hard to be organized, it's my never ending goal in this life. I've been absent from this place and I have plenty of thoughts filling my mind on what I want to share. But lately haven't had the time to share it.

You see it's this crazy, busy life and I wouldn't change any of it! I really mean that! Oh I may breathe deep and get frustrated and yes I still raise my voice when I shouldn't.........But in reality, painted in this family portrait is the very God who quiets my soul, and changes the direction I may have headed in the midst of a storm.

I rely on Him more than I ever have....So much more than when I just started out being the Mama of two little blessings. And I have to say that even though our family has grown (and is still growing) *Smile*, my days are easier than when I just had the two. Crazy I know, but what really makes the difference is that I don't rely on myself so much any more. I tap into the strength of my almighty God and through Him I can do all things!!

He's my rock. I find myself talking to Him all through out my day. He keeps things in perspective for me. And you know the more I share my heart with Him, All the more I hear Him sharing His!

But really what I wanted to let you know before I started rambling, is that I will be away from this place for a short while.....You see we are going to a family wedding. I will be living this life and you know the more you live life, the more moments there are to cherish, all the more you have to share. The more chances you get to serve and see the eyes of souls light up!

And although I dread the 13 hour drive with a toddler I'm praying the Lord will soften my heart and show me it's an adventure and not a misery......Oh How truly blessed I am to be able to travel, to be with my family and share the ride with our very busy toddler!

So until we meet again in this quiet place, May God Bless you and yours and may He keep you safe..........


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm new to your blog, and love the reminder of leaning on HIM even more as we go through this crazy life. Thank you for the encouragement. Hope you had a good trip.

  2. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! And yes it was a very good trip!!