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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Life Giving Spirit

In this life you can't help but wonder how long we will be bound to this mortal vessel. And if you have any conscience at all you know how fragile this life and we are not promised tomorrow.......

You can't help but think of death when you see the prayer requests rise up......

"My heart is heavy as I think of a dear friend who may be having surgery tomorrow.......you may remember a year ago I asked for prayers for a friend who was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer."

"Finished my angiogram and I need to see another specialist in Jacksonville for a different treatment option. My situation is more complicated than a simple aneurysm."

"She has fluid in her lungs and her blood pressure keeps going down.  (72/50)"

He tells us not too cling to this life.....not to hold too tight. And I must say after years of trying to figure this out I've come to the conclusion that it's not this life I cling to, it's the life that goes before me......The one that rises up and gets there before I do. It's being left here on this side of heaven with out them that hurts so much........

Now please here my heart I am not writing them off! Because I believe in an almighty GOD who performs MIRACLES day after day. And I'm one who tends to look more for the miracles than reality......It's that HOPE He instills in me. And I believe in the mighty power of prayer and I've seen this FAITH move mountains impossible. I've seen cancer wiped away with no explanation. Hearts that have been pumping with only 1/4 of it working and not just for 1 or 2 years but for 17!

I've heard stories from dear friends where the doctors shake their heads and can't explain the miracle that has taken place before their eyes!

But I have to tell you I've lived long enough to know that you have to prepare your heart because we are not meant for this world....we don't belong here. And that my sweet friends is what gives me great hope that's where my JOY is found, knowing That JESUS was no longer bound by His mortal vessel.....

He is alive in the spirit to give LIFE to all who believe.

And one day HEAVEN. I am commanded by the life giving spirit in me to spread the good news to all who will hear! And I am motivated by the ticking of the never ending time clock. Knowing all too well we never know when it will stop ticking here this side of heaven for you....for me.

And I want to see YOU there strolling the streets paved with GOLD praising HIM all day long!!

For JESUS said "I am the way, the Truth, the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

You may believe I couldn't be farther from the truth.............But what if your wrong?

As real as there is a Heaven there surely is a hell. And in my heart of hearts I believe with out a doubt that the life giving Spirit dwells with in me......There is no other explanation for the way I feel and the change you may have seen in me. No one else could of turned this sin soaked Mama around but my almighty God who sent His son for me.......for you!

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