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Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Holding Your Hand, Can You Feel It?

When I closed my eyes tight in prayer I never dreamed He would answer so quickly....Never thought He would answer in such a way that it would make my heart melt. And why not? He is the God of the burning bush, always burning but never consuming. Always the light but never the hot blazing fire......

So where does this take my faith?............Ever stronger, Ever higher and so much deeper.

There was a little girl going in for surgery to correct her eye duct.....I know her Mama quite well and as the pictures would pop up on my news feed of little Sophia in her hospital gown I would pray......

And this is what I prayed.....God please take care of little Sophia and hold her hand. Be with her Mama hold her in your arms. Make this surgery short and simple and her recovery very quick.

Little Sophia is not your typical child...She is a miracle child and this is her condition:  Cerebral Palsy, which causes her to have mild seizures along with sensory disorders. You put all that a side and she is a beautiful, fun loving, sweetly faith filled little girl.

I commented on my friend's FB posts a couple of times to let her know I was there in spirit and in prayer. And then I made one last comment. I said "By the way, I am holding your hand can you feel it?"

The next post pops up and my sweet friend tells me to "Stop freaking her out!"

You see what I didn't know was, that at the very moment I had been praying, Sophia looked up at her Mama and asked her, "Mama do you see it? Do you see the angel holding my hand?" And Little Sophia's hand was cupped just like she was holding someone's hand.

Let me tell you about my God....The one who answers prayers in ways that only He can. What have I learned over the years? I've learned that it takes time to gain wisdom and grow faith. I've learned that the only way you can be close to God is if you talk to God. The only way to hear His heartbeat is to read His Living Word. And as the years move on He never ceases to AMAZE me. It seems the closer I get the more miracles I see......The more of HIM I see.

I've learned that prayer is not some monotone habit that you do before every meal. Or just when your scared and your life is a mess. Prayer is talking to your Father about everything. Prayer is an intimate relationship with the very God who breathed life into your spirit. Prayer is your life line..........Talk to God more. Include Him in your life and you will find that the more you pray, He has been holding your hand all along......Your just now starting to feel it.

And now I'm all warm and tingly and I've been telling my Sophia story to anyone who will listen and He so amazes me that I can't tell it with out tears........


  1. I can't tell it or hear it without tears. :) Thanks for posting this... you put into words what I can't. God so blessed me with your friendship! Love you sweet Momma!! He is that good!!

  2. Love both of you amazing ladies Kimmy and Holly! Love your hearts and your beautiful words!