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Monday, January 9, 2012

Eight Ways To Redeem Your Time

I write this not because I'm a perfect time keeper but, because I also need to be reminded of how often I let the thieves in to steal my/His precious time!
1. Rise with the Son. Before your feet hit the floor, may your first thought be of Him. Ask Him; How can you be a good and faithful servant Today? And then get dressed and make your bed!

2. Be aware of the time thieves.  How are you spending your time? Take note of all the things that rob you of your real purpose. Ask Him to reveal the things that keep you from having peace.

3. Jot things down. Write what you need to accomplish. Make a list for each day and then cross it off when your finished. It feels good to have a visual of what you have done.

4. Remember who your really serving. Remember your JOY! Serve as though He is right there sitting at the kitchen table with you. Because He is.....He is right there with you!

5. Remember your Blessings.....Count your Blessings one by one. Count them as if it were your last day here on this side of heaven.......

6. And then be thankful....Come to the table with a thankful heart.

7. Clean your kitchen before you go to bed. Wipe the counters, clean your sinks and sweep the floor. Your day seems so much better when you start with a clean kitchen!

8. Don't go to sleep with out talking to Him and telling Him about your day. Have Him search your heart to prepare you for tomorrow.......

Blessings to you today.

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