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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crystal Snow Flakes

Winter is here and I feel the chill. I'm not fond of the cold, but my soul longs for some snow. And I know some will say I'm crazy......And some have said I wouldn't last long up home any more where the North wind blows.  They say your blood runs thin when you've been away  too long.

And I've been away too long...My blood runs thin, but my soul runs deep. And it remembers these roads through every season. My feet have walked this earth. And I could tell you where this snow covered path leads. I've been on it a thousand times it seems and yet it's not enough.....

 I've walked these fields and danced with the trees. Seen hundreds of deer near the edge of the forest. I've seen where winter held back the spring and we thought we would never see the crocus bloom again.

And I believe He gives us all a glimpse of what home will be like. And as I long for all the things that I've grown to love.......I know of a narrow path. Its one that I'm ever conscience of....... always aware of how narrow but, how it will surely take you HOME. I'm still walking this path trying hard not to stray. To not be tempted by the detours. To keep my eyes heaven bound. He is my guide....He's the one with the map.
And as I follow His lead I see GRACE in the midst of all this BEAUTY. How Gracious He is to give us the things we long for when home isn't near. And it's funny, but I believe the snowflakes that fall from heaven are made of crystals and glitter  and they are even more beautiful but, not nearly as heavy and cold.......Its only when they fall to this sin soaked earth that they become heavy with bitter cold.......
And Oh how I long for Home where the streets are paved with gold and the crocus always blooms. The tears never fall and love never walks away. Where peace and joy are ever present...........And the longing for home ceases to exist.

The snow covered pictures were taken by my sister, Laura Smith. Because she knows I long for the little things that make up the moments of my life........

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! There are no coincidences only "Godincednces". You making this blog at the same time that I made my video with neither of us knowing the other was doing so can only be described as Divine influence on both of us. I love you Kimmy!