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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unto You

I have been pondering this gift giving we all do at Christmas time. I've seen where some have chosen not to give any gifts at all and I'm okay with that......I understand where they are coming from. I should be so brave. For the last couple of years I am strongly being pulled away from the monetary and wanting more of the momentary....

And yes I did go shopping this year. I had fun picking out the things that I thought my children would enjoy. And as I wrapped each one I could envision their reaction and the smile that would light up their eyes. I struggled at times to pick the perfect gift for some of my loved ones. But to me they are worth the struggle.

I don't believe I will ever completely get away from the gift giving at Christmas time but, I can see changes coming to the way I/ we give.You see I believe that it's important  to give a gift, but more importantly to learn how to receive the gift. I believe it's important to find the right gift......I believe it's important not to give too many gifts.......I believe that the most valuable gifts are the ones when you never had to spend a dime. The gift that means the most is the gift of your time.........

And as the years go on I believe He is teaching me how to give. How to live this life, giving of myself unselfishly. For it's not the toys they will remember as much as they will remember where you were at the gift giving time. Where your heart lies when you give and receive.

And where is your heart? As we come closer to the Greatest Gift ever given, have you already received? The toys and the gadgets may make the fleeting moments busy with excitement....But when the excitement has worn away what comes next?

You see the actual gift is is knowing you need the Greatest gift giver of all.

He didn't come bearing gifts, He was and is the gift. The greatest gift ever given. His life, for your life. And wouldn't the best Christmas present be the one where you find Christ under your tree?

UNTO YOU............

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

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