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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Am Being Stretched

There are those times in life when you feel the pull and the tightness of being stretched, being molded. And sometimes it's uncomfortable.....Most times it's uncomfortable but, if we stay where we are than how can we be His child?

He who came down off His throne of comfort to lay in a dirty,cold and dark manger. The one who walked the waters and calmed the storms. The one who walked from town to town healing the blind, the sick and dying. All of this while he was no where near being in comfort.

As I walk from town to town buying gifts I fear I'm losing sight of the GIFT..........This is not what He wanted. For all the focus to be away from Him. For us to make this into something material. I'm being stretched and it hurts, it's uncomfortable. My kids will not be disappointed this year. They will not go with out. and what if they did? Would they really be with out?

I'm in the middle of reading a book called "Kisses From Katie". And if you want to be stretched, if you want to be challenged.....I challenge you to read this amazing true life story about a girl who walked away from her very comfortable home with all the material things she could ever want. She walked away from everyone and everything she ever knew. To a place called Uganda. She left it all, walked away FOR the love of her Savior. The GIFT.

And I am put to shame. I am ashamed of myself. It's so easy to talk the talk but, to actually walk the walk. My dear friends we have no clue over here on this side of the great blue and green ball. No understanding of what it's like to go with out. what it's like to have a dirt floor for your bed. No clue what it's like to go with out food, water, Tylenol, clothes or shoes. I am selfish and spoiled and my soul needs molding. As the Potter molds His child it hurts. It's uncomfortable........And I feel the muscles tighten deep with in my soul. I'm being stretched.

As much as I try to make this Christmas more about the Christ Child my efforts have all been in vain. I would be ashamed to show you all that was wrapped and ready to be put under our tree. I am  ashamed to tell you that I have stressed about buying the perfect gift. I am ashamed to have put The GIFT, The Christ Child last on my list of things to do.

I am being stretched.......

And I must tell you that after I finished writing this post I popped on over to the Mentor to see what her heart was beating to share, And the words  ever bold, ever bright typed across her post read When Your Christmas Stretches you. You think it's coincidence? That maybe I read her post first? Not a chance! I so love my God and how He works to put things together, the great and the small!

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