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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here we are once again, the Eve of the Greatest story ever told. The ultimate gift ever given. And I want to share my heart with you........

There is an old man that lives not far from here. Him and his wife were snow birds from New Jersey. He had an orange grove he use to tend to just across the way.  From time to time they would visit. Always so kind, always smiling......And year after year they would come bearing small gifts for the kids. And we would sit and chat a while. I remember listening to his wife as she would reminisce about days gone by and how quickly they flew. I always made them a Christmas basket filled with goodies. And we grew close over the years, 17 to be exact.

Two years ago his wife passed away........My heart broke as I read the letter explaining her passing. Tears fell on the hand written letter as I remembered that sweet lovely lady.

We received a call from our dear old friend, saying that he was in town for the first time in two years since she had died. Johnny gave me his number so that I could call and invite him for Christmas. I made the call and asked if he would like to come to church for Christmas Eve service. He paused and then the silence broke and he said "Now Kim I must tell you how much I appreciate you asking." I step in to say no prob......"Kim, No! you don't understand I want you to know how much it really means to me that you have invited me to your church! You see, in all my 80 some years I have never been invited to someone else's church. No one has ever asked."

AS his words ring in my ears I am brought to tears, because I've known him for 17 and I'm just now asking......

He quickly accepted and then called me back to decline......You see he had made a promise to his sweet wife that he wouldn't skip Mass, that he would always go for her until the day he dies. As he tried to explain feeling like all his efforts are in-vain..... I step in to say I understand.......You made a promise.......you have to do what you feel is right in your heart.

Now I tell you this story because you never know who has never been asked........Who may not have been given the invitation......For years we have been friends and I just assumed. I didn't think he/they would want to go. What does it hurt to ask? What kept me from giving the invitation? At this point he has declined but, I will ask again..........

My point is you never know who may be living right beside you, working right beside you, walking this life with you just hoping someone would invite them to open the Gift........

All is not lost he will be spending Christmas dinner with us and my heart is warm my soul is tingling.....This is what Christmas feels like. This is why we celebrate.

As I share my heart and my home this year for Christmas I can't do it with out sharing Christ!

I wish you all the Merriest of Christmas' may your hearts be filled with His peace and Joy. May we bring the manger out in front and place the gifts in the back. and as your out and about or just inside preparing your home think of that one person that may have been there all along and you never asked............

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