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Monday, November 14, 2011

Would You be so Kind?

I've been wrong more times than I can count. I've raised my voice way too often. I've gossiped about people I know, when I should of just kept my mouth shut........

I surely never said "I am perfect." Oh but I can always strive to be better!

I've only listened to one side without asking for the other, And then all too quickly made my harsh judgement! I've looked at people different than I and assumed I had them all figured out.

I really don't remember saying "I am perfect." But I'm trying to be better........

I've thought of myself all too often, stayed behind the computer screen and have neglected my duties as his  Wife and their Mama.

I've been bitter in the past and held on to hurt until it ate me up inside......

Did I really ever think I was perfect?

And this is hard for me to tap  these failures out for all to see......

I've  grumbled and complained when I didn't feel like serving and served with an ungrateful heart...Why serve at all?

I'm surely not perfect.........

And the times I should of spoke up and never did. The times I knew someone needed a hug, an ear and I turned away........

The countless times He told me to go.........And I never moved.

I'm so far from perfect.......

The times I've went too far and said things that should of never left my mouth.....The times I hurt people and never knew it.

When I had given advise and thought I knew it all and boasted about it.

I cringe at ever thinking I could ever come close to being perfect!

I want to take this moment, this post and apologize to any one that I might of hurt in any of these actions. And to let you know I'm far from being perfect. But I know the Perfect One. The Holy One. And He has been working on my heart for 20 years now. And little by little He has chiseled away the gossip,the ungratefulness, the judgement, All the things that bury His light inside my heart. And yes there are still those times I slip and fall but, I ask that you would be so kind as to forgive me.........As He has forgiven me.

You see Because, One day Heaven and I will climb up into my Father's lap and all of the ugly things I have done will not be what He sees in me. When He looks at me He will see the light of His SON. That's what I strive for. Oh I will never be perfect this side of heaven but, I can surely strive to be more like Him. That's my heart, that's what I long for. That's what I'm most passionate about!!!

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