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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Knowing What's Best."

Words hurt so.....One look, one glance and we think we have people figured out. And we are quick to give advise and unwanted opinions, Because we know what's best. I've been down that road all too often. I'm guilty of "knowing what's best." And I cringe at the times I all too often judged when I have no right being a judge at all!

Through the years my soul has warmed up to those that are different. Those that we see as not normal. What is normal anyway? And if we were to compare ourselves to the Perfect One, The Holy One......Wouldn't we see how abnormal we are, how imperfect we all are?

As I watch on T.V. and across the web how a couple is having their 20th blessing. The myriad of ugly words and judgement sling across the screen of my computer. Hurtful words, words that destroy hearts and crack souls. And who are we to judge? 20 may not be right for you and I, but who is to say it is wrong for them when they are walking in the light of the Lord. And why does it bother us so any way? It is not us who have to walk in their foot steps.

Why is it that this world views our children as a curse, a hardship? Something that we should put a limit on. That two or three is the perfect number to have and no more! Who sets that rule? I can tell you who didn't....."Blessed is he who has a quiver full of them."

And it's not only the judgement of how many we should have, but why a child acts the way they do. We automatically assume we know the reason. And our opinions fly and our hurtful words sting. I have a sweet friend who has a beautiful little girl, who has had that same harsh judgement placed upon her. You will find Sophia's Story Here.

I guess what I am trying to do by writing this post is to challenge you and I, not to be so quick to sling harsh judgement upon others. Wouldn't this world be a better place if we all laid down our arrows filled with the poison of "knowing what's best"  And instead open our hearts to those that we view as different or abnormal? We may learn a thing or two.......

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