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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Mile Stone

He asked me to take pictures. My heart skips a beat as I grab my camera. If he only knew how much I miss him already. This little man of mine. And today I've been walking around all melancholy. I can't stop thinking about this  blonde, curly headed little boy that use to grace my lap and snuggle under my chin for hours it seems......
And Lord, I'm not ready for this. It seems your closing too many doors all at once. And my days are all twirling about....the past getting mixed up with the present. I often hear other Mamas say "I can't wait for this stage to be over."  I wanna plead with them, Oh please take that back. Your gonna regret ever saying those words.
I've been asked what I think about this new mile stone....My answer? I didn't have one. I can't seem to talk about it with out tearing up. So I'll do what I do best when I can't communicate in person.

I'll let you know that the wonderful two's, they don't last forever.....enjoy them while your in the midst of it all. And that little child your rocking now, will be 6' 2 tomorrow.......forget the dirty house and the mountain of laundry down the hall. They need you now...You need them now. And I have to tell you, I can barely see the keys to type what I feel. I've already had to pause and gain my composure 6 times now........
And Mama take the time, sit down and play on the floor as much as you can. You say you don't know what to do because he/she is just too busy....All the time getting in to things. Grab a moment, your camera, walk out side, twirl around, dance and snap pictures. Play in the dirt. Be a kid, tire them out and then bring them back in. Snuggle on the couch. Put the Classic "Whinne the Pooh" movie in. Eat popcorn. And give them love sniffles....They will remember moments like this....you'll remember moments like this......I remember this.
And I know right now your thinking you need more time to yourself......That's just not true. Right now it's just not about you, it's about them. One day soon you will want more time with them and the tables will turn. It's funny how the tables turn.

Please hear me when I say this time of raising your children goes by way too quickly. Don't get wrapped up in the small insignificant stuff. Let go of yourself and give in to being their Mama. Enjoy them, even when you think they are at their worst......Tomorrow you will look back and you will know it wasn't their worst at all.

This is like a dream I can't wake up from. Time is not on my side.  I smile as I'm snapping moments but, inside a little piece of me is dying......I love seeing him this happy...this proud. He worked hard, saved his money....For a long time. Searched and looked for just the right one. We told him to be patient, the right one would come along.

Tonight before I go to bed I will make my journey out to that brand new mile stone sitting in the drive. I'll open the door, get in and lay my hands in prayer all over that steering wheel. I'll pray that this first truck will serve him well. And God please, always place your hand of protection over my baby boy.............

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