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Friday, October 28, 2011

Walking Home in Good Company

The candles were lit, the table set and as I wait for women to come who have literally changed my life, I give thanks for each and everyone of them. I never dreamed it would last this long. I still had that fear of getting too close, letting my real self show.....And I often wonder why "The Mentor" chose me. Full of wisdom, Her heart full of Joy because her Savior lives there. Laughter is her best friend even when life gets her down. she is the Matriarch of this group. And we love her.......
It started 6 years ago, this Beautiful woman was turning _ _ and she chose 7 women to join her on her birthday escapade. I remember thinking how I immediately felt at peace with these women. How I immediately loved them.
We faithfully get together when ever someone's birthday pops up and we celebrate life.
And this girl, she shares my heart and also my name......Met her 10 years ago and I love her....Her and I, we know a lot about GRACE. It consumes our lives in everything we do, there is always grace.......A faithful friend. I find comfort in just being around her. I can truly be me, with her. And she is loved.
 The girl on the left, she is sweet and sensitive, calm and quiet spoken. Caring. Always interested in knowing how we are doing. Love her smile. I never told her this but she reminds me of my Aunt. Same sweet smile, same soft voice. And she is loved.

 The young lady on the right is our Sweet Southern Belle. Witty, charming. She must have SWEET TEA. Love to hear her talk.  Part of our comic relief, she pretends not to be in the same room with us once in a while......And we love her.
 And it seems no matter what....there is this unspoken rule, there is a security in knowing that we are here for each other. ALWAYS. And as we share in life's joys and hard struggles we make moments....Moments that are but a breath....Moments turned into memories that last a life time. Moments that enrich our lives..."And although this world is ugly it is beautiful."Ann Voskamp....  Moments that make this a better place to be in.
There are 3 women missing. One just became a Grandmother for the second time. She is Sweet and thoughtful, so very caring. Always wanting to help. And we love her.

The other two had some things to tend to......One with a "can do attitude."  She is not afraid to set you straight. (Of course in a loving way). The other part of our comic relief and she is loved!

The other, is our Second Southern Belle who will tell you that one of the most important things you can do is stand by your man. One who seems serious at first....then warms up after the first smile given. And she is loved.

I find myself  giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart for each of these beautiful women who have taught me that it's okay to be myself. And oh there is JOY in being a Christian Woman. That I can trust again and not have that fear of losing........that fear of a broken heart. The fear of not being accepted for who I am. That there is a multitude of blessings in true sisterhood.........

And as the years tend to make you older I often pray they make me just a little more wiser. I often think how God places just the right people in your life at just the right time. Some are there only for a moment and some are there to walk the rest of the way home with you.......It looks like I'll be walking home in Good Company.
Giving Thanks With a Grateful Heart.......ALWAYS.


  1. Wow! 7 of you... how blessed you are to have one another, most hope and pray God will provide one person, friend, sister like this in their life and you have 6. Hope you all had a wonderful evening together.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It really touched my heart. I've just discovered your blog through WLW.