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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Move On To The Next Thing

I ask him every year....."Son what would you like for your birthday dinner?" His reply, "Chicken Pot pie!" And his brothers and sisters they tell him "but Kole that's what you picked last year!" He shrugs his shoulders and moves on to the next thing. It was getting late on a Saturday night and I hadn't even started on the pie......

To be completely honest.....It was the last thing I wanted to do....I was tired and I really wanted to go to bed.....but instead, I moved on and did the next thing. I turn soft music on lit some candles and as I'm chopping I hear the most beautiful music outside. I pause and listen for just a moment......

What I hear is laughter and wagon wheels rolling on concrete. I hear the birds and their lullaby song. What I hear is life. This life.....the here and now. I smile quietly inside when I hear the girls and their British accents as they play with baby sister.......Little man giggles in the back ground. And I'm desperately wanting to hold on and freeze this moment.
To be honest my attitude had changed from just wanting to go to bed.....To not wanting their music to stop. I found myself praying that moments like this would last longer.....Longer than a whisper.  Even in the "not want to" moments... if I just move on and do the next thing I find gifts. Gifts of JOY, Grace and Peace......Gifts of this life. And thanks to their serenading I finished the Pot Pie and Birthday Cake with Joy in my heart and a skip in my step.


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  1. What a wonderful story! I need to take in more moments like those with my children as well. Thank you for the reminder to soak in these days. They will be gone all too soon! Thanks for linking up today! I'm so glad you did! :)