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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your Not Alone, I've Been Where You Are......

I've often wondered if I'm ever all alone. Do I walk this journey alone? This Mama Journey......and I worry if I've done or said something to harm the shelter of their heart. Am I doing enough? Am I doing this right? And the feelings that I feel, am I the only one? That desolate feeling of absolute failure. Because when my first born son came into this world, there wasn't a manual that came with him all wrapped in ribbon. Only that "Mama instinct" that seem to consume every part of my soul and fill all of my senses. But even then I still needed to know that what I was feeling, going through, that all of this craziness of life, with me wrapped up in it..... I still needed to know there was someone out there riding the same roller coaster as I.

One sweet young Mama called today, wanting my advise. And I'm not sure if I were much help or if my words of so called "wisdom" can help her through the busy two's......There was one thing I did leave her with. One thing I could say......."Your not alone, I've been where you are, and you can do this. You will get through. And don't blink, because you will wonder what all the fuss was about all those years ago."
Another Mama friend flies me an email, wanting prayer. Her life is crazy busy and things just aren't the way they should be and could I please pray for peace. I fly one back and tell her "I'm on it, sweet friend." I take that moment and I lift her up. And as I do I wonder if she could feel.....If she could feel the peace hanging on a cloud up above.

Another Mama friend has two sick babies....so worn out and exhausted. Wanting to rock them, but She's been rocking all day and it looks like it's gonna be another long night. And all I can do is tell her I'm sorry.....I'll pray. And I hope she knows she is not alone. I've been there before and I'll be there again. But knowing I don't walk this journey alone brings a peace to the exhaustion. And don't we always seem to find ourselves on the other side  eventually........

I get a phone call from one I seem to share a lot in common with....A Mama I enjoy talking to. Her friendship is a comfortable one....."I just need to hear a happy voice."  I laugh cause I know where she's coming from. I've been where she is five times now. And I share with her, how one Sunday swollen with my fifth child, my emotions were high and ran wild...The woman that my man knew, seem to have checked out...left the building....I scared my kids and I ran into my room and slam the door......But I got through...we all got through it together. And by the end of the phone call I could hear the tone of her voice a little lighter than before. I tell her to call back when the baby blues start kicking again. She laughs and thanks me for my time.....

And today it is my turn to be the one that has been there before......To be there for my Mama friends. to let them know they are not walking this journey alone. And no matter how many days go right, the wrong ones are bound to come your way too....I'm not sure how long they will last, but please know we are in this together. Because today you needed me.....But tomorrow I may need YOU!

He knows your heart, He hears your soul. He's always with you

Keeping my Mama friends tucked sweetly in prayer tonight..................

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