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Monday, October 17, 2011


Above my desk where I can see them daily are 5 letters. A simple little word, but so full of meaning. It's a reminder to me that not only do I receive grace moment to moment, but that I am to give grace in every moment......I'm still learning this one. Still trying to get it right.

I was trying to come up with an Acronym for G-R-A-C-E this morning and was stuck on the letter A. I went to my 1828 version of Noah Webster's Dictionary. Opened up to the beginning, literally flipped back one page and there as bold as the SON, I found this word.......I've never heard nor seen this word before.

Ablution: The act of washing, cleansing or purification. It goes onto say that Moses did this as preparation for religious duties and that he enjoyed it.

G- God
R- Reigns
A- Ablution
C- Christ
E- Eternal

Remembering to start my day with GRACE, for it is given to me moment by moment. As my God forever Reigns he has Purified me through Christ Eternal! There in the word G-R-A-C-E is the reason for my JOY.............

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