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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lil' Miss Patience

When things aren't always what they seem. And moments don't go as planned. I've learned to let go and move on. Let go and live. I've learned not to linger too long in a place that will only cause more hurt and frustration. I've learned that I can forgive and forget. I've learned to ask for Forgiveness. They go hand in hand. You can't do one with out the other.
And there she sits, as big as life...My doll baby. She reminds me often how precious this life. And I've said before she helped me find my patience. It was right there all along waiting for me to take notice.  With patience your day runs smoother. With patience your words are kinder. With patience you notice things you wouldn't normally take the time to see.......
What I see is her all wrapped up in sweetness and my heart melts. At times I feel as small as she is. And there are times that I stumble and struggle to communicate and it seems all I can do is just point and make noise. Loud noise. There are still times when I misplace my patience. Today Miss patience slipped out the door. And me, well........I felt helpless with out her.

And little baby boo she comes walking in as I'm tapping words out.....She comes in walking backwards and giggling cause she made it here with out tripping. I can't help but smile.....there's Lil' Miss Patience. She's there in my laughter, she's there when I slow down, breathe deep and remember I'm not in this alone.

I never walk alone.....You see there is one thing I'm convinced of, and that is when God gave me her, he showed me how to use Lil' Miss Patience more often.

Little Baby boo reminds me everyday how quickly the days turn into years. I'm still grabbing moments and holding on in this futile effort to keep her little. Knowing my efforts are all in-vain. You see I've been here before, I've seen how they grow. I've seen life speed out of control. So today I may have misplaced my patience for just a short while.....but she came strolling back in again when I slowed down to hear that sweet giggly laughter!

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  1. Patience. Something I feel I continually need to put into practice. Some days seem so much more difficult than others. Today being one of them. I'm glad you linked up and I got to read your post. You have encouraged me to walk in patience each and every day. It makes everyone happier :)