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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beyond our Corner of the World

The phone calls are coming in more often now. It's been nine days and me, I'm literally counting hours til bed time so I can start the next day. The next day closer to holding them again. She calls me at 10:00 last night trying to form words through her tears and the hard sobs of missing her Mama. This is a first for her and I, to be separated this long. Her first time in NY with out me.

And I grab words quick. Let her know what a big girl she is. How proud I am of her. She is my sensitive one. The one with tears that easily flow. Her heart easily bruised. My first reaction was to keep her here......but I knew she had to go. It was time she took her first practice flight. In my heart of hearts I know it's good for her......for me.

I tell her this....."If we always fear and never go  beyond our corner of the world, then we will never experience memories in the making....we will never experience life. And look at all the memories you have tied up in ribbons stored in the banks of your mind. Ya know, you will have them forever the memories your making right now....You will remember them forever. Imagine if you would of stayed here....Oh all the things you would have missed. All the Butterflies you caught with your net would not exist." And by the way she has caught over 20 of them! "My dear sweet butterfly girl, get some sleep you will feel better in the morning."

What I did not tell her is how much it broke my heart to hear her cry and not be able to hold her.... How my arms actually ached to be wrapped around her long, lanky little frame. But I would never hold her back, not from moments like this. God is slowly molding..........her. Strengthening her to become a strong beautiful young lady.

I'm here waiting to embrace her and to hear all the memories made. And I will rejoice with her and help her pin up each and every butterfly...........

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