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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Practice Flights

Tucked away hidden from view, in the safety of their nest are three little babies.

Not a care in the world.....They are not aware of all the dangers that surround them.

Mama stands watch on a fence near by. Her nest is full........... for now. And she'll stand watch, And she'll take good care of them. Until the day comes, the day that they take their first practice flight.

It's bitter sweet for you , for them. You want what's best for them. I want them to be strong in this world. They have to be. And in order for that to happen I have to let go. Let them take their first practice flights.

They are so beautiful in my eyes, they are so precious in His. Some day they will soar through this life with all the strength and love that you gave them. They will be out from under your wing, and you will be so proud. Because your home was woven together with God's love and protection. Your prayers are being heard. He cares for them more than you do. He has big plans for them. So let them go on their practice flights......He is watching over them and they are tucked under His wing while they are away from you.

I know someday  our nest will be empty......but that doesn't mean I have to feel the emptiness. God will fill my heart with what I need. And someday the nest will be full again with daughter-in-laws, Son-in-laws and Grandbabies. And from what they tell me it's even more AMAZING!

51. Practice flights
52. God's Protection
53. A home woven with God's love
54. Tiny baby birds
55. All my little birdies

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