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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are they drinking in?

There is something about watching them together. She is getting to know her Daddy.  Each time she stays in his arms a little longer before she cries out to her Mama. She is finding out there is safety and comfort wrapped up in his strong arms.

You can see the bond forming right in front of you. It's forming into that Daddy love. The love that I grew up with, the love that I still know.

And these are the moments they begin to look up to you and watch your every move. They take it in, they take it all in. They absorb what you give them.

Even the ones that are sitting beside you, pretending not to be looking.  They are watching and hearing your every move. 

Oh the love she is drinking in. She will carry this with her for the rest of her life. Being held in the big strong arms of her Daddy. She will know and feel love. That love will be passed down because that's all she'll know. That's all she will know how to give.  You give what you are given. You treat how you were treated. You love how you were loved........... 

There was a mama that knocked on our door a while back. She had two little girls with her. She was drunk and told us that her husband was abusing her. And as she was talking, alcohol filling the air, I was watching her little girls. I was struck with deep sadness, because these two little girls were smiling and carrying on like nothing was wrong.  There was no fear, no tears. I did not understand.........But this is normal to them. This is there life. This is what they asorbed. This is what they drank in.  And sadly this is what they will give, this is how they will treat and this is how they will love.............

56. The drinking in of Love
57. Daddy's arms

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