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Friday, July 2, 2010

His Glory Reigns

It's raining out side this morning and we are all inside. I look around the house and I notice crystal rain drops inside, hanging from a candle chandleir. I wonder if you slowed the rain down to a stop, would it look like this? 
And this is God's rain soaking the floor of the earth. Quenching all thirst. Rejuvinating everything green. And I pause..........
Everything God given, Everything God made, Everything under the rain is crystal clear. His Glory shines like the sun through the prisms of my indoor crystal rain drops. Like the outdoor rain brings the colors out of the earth. His Glory Reigns.......And the sun is making it's way through the blanket of clouds to shine on His Glory.  Enjoy each brand new day even when it rains, because they are all God Given.

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