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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kindred Spirits

She comes in my room and tells me she is going outside to play, my Sweet Summer Skye, oh how she misses her. From the window I feel her pain. She tells me later that she only cries at night. "That's when I miss her the most."
They are 4 years apart, but so close at heart. Why is it that the tears and fears come mostly at night? It's in the dark that we feel alone. And She is in her little sister's prayers while she is away. At night that's the only light little sister finds. For His Light shines through the blackest of nights, and cuts through the loneliest of times. And she will make it through until her sweet sister returns. This is what makes the heart grow fonder, this is what makes us stronger.

I know how she feels. I have a sister of my own. And when your so close and yet so far, the pain of separation never really dies it just fades. It's through cyber space that we reconnect. Sometimes just seeing her face is all I need to start again.  And she is my best Friend, always has been, always will be. Like kindred spirits dancing in the sun. Dreaming of days gone by. Looking foward to the days to come, to reunite again. And it's easy to pick up where we left off. We share that special bond. No matter how far apart or how long it's been, it's always easy to begin again.

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