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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

She is 1200 miles away on a mission trip of her own.... she makes time, finds the time to witness.......I think of her often, all day long and when the sun sets I see her sweet smile......My Beautiful Sunshine girl! I often wonder, it often comes to mind the way she is not afraid...doesn't hesitate......The way she lets her light shine. And it's been said that if you walk in the light you won't have to say anything to get people to notice something is different about you...about her.
I've seen it before, the way she gets when she realizes someone might be lost. The look in her eyes automatically  goes to concern. "Mama I don't think she knows Him." "I think she may be confused about how to get to heaven." I tell her this.....If the chance should ever come again...Just ask her, ask her if she knows the way..... "I will Mama."  And you know, I know she will. She won't let this go until God tells her it's ok to let go.
I've seen her press too hard on some before. When it was hard to keep from getting excited. When she just wanted them to see things her way. And now I'm watching my bold little girl grow in wisdom... I'm watching her become a young woman right before my eyes. The closer she gets to God, the more she knows to wait and listen.......To wait on the Lord for when the time is right.  And oh how I wish I were like her when I was all of 13. If I only had Him in my heart then......All those years I missed......All the time I wasted......
And now I get to walk this life with my Sunshine girl...I get to share these experiences with her...her God moments, the moments I missed. And strangely I'm reliving my wasted years through her. I'm seeing how things could of been......And part of me grieves for what I threw away.....I still grieve. But Forgiven is the path I walk now. He fills the darkest corners of my once tainted heart. And as the sun sets I smile because every time I see the sun .....I see my Sunshine girl!

And when she was little I always sang her to sleep with this song......

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you.....Please don't take my Sunshine away....Sleep tight my Sweet Sunshine!

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