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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Path That You Can Take

It was a normal day. We were making our way back from Sam's club....and little man pipes up "Mama I remember the first time I met the devil." Surprised at what I heard I let him talk. "Hunter told me about him and I didn't want to believe him. I kept telling him I didn't believe." He pauses and I wait.......

"Mama, once someone goes there is there a way out?" Is there a path that you can take?" No son, your there forever......  "But Mama, what do you do there?" I cringe because what I have to tell him hurts my soul.....my soul aches for the ones who choose Hell over Heaven. I tell him....your tortured there.....always in torment. "Do you ever get a break?"  No, not one......the burning and the pain will be unbareable and it never ends. I'm wanting to talk about something else like, what are we going to have for dinner tonight? or Where are we going to plant the sunflowers? .......he keeps asking.....  I want him to stop.... but my soul is saying wait because patience is what I need now...He wants to know and I want to be the one to tell him.

 "Why does God send people there?" Oh son, God doesn't send anyone there. People choose to go there. "But can't God make them go to heaven, he has the power.....why doesn't he give them a second chance?"

And the questions are rolling out faster than I can answer them.....Son, God doesn't force any one to that safe saving place, He wants them to choose....they have free will. In the same way you can't force some one to love some one else. He doesn't want your forced love, He wants you to turn to Him because you need Him, because you want Him, Because you chose to love him. "Mama, I hate the devil!" Me too son........ "Mama if God loves everyone, do you think he could still love the devil if the devil repented?" And my automatic answer was, absolutely not! But then again, I am not God.........

And my little man's reflection in the rear view mirror is priceless. A look of relief because he chose love......but you could tell he was concerned for the ones who won't get a second chance. Son, that's why it's important to tell others about Jesus now. "I know Mama."  The car gets quiet...the questions are over. I thought I would feel relieved....but I don't. You see I wasn't gonna write about this conversation I had with little man.....My thoughts were, I didn't want to scare my readers away......

But this won't let me go.......  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

What path do you choose for all eternity? 

There are no second chances, no paths leading out. And dear friend I'm not trying to scare you into making a decision....Although I sometimes wish I could. This is your decision.....He wants you to know Him because you want to....He wants you to fall in love because you chose to.....He gave a precious gift, and that gift was His son. He took our place......Like a soldier going off to war....He fought and died for you, for your soul. There is no other, there is no other way to heaven but through His son........

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