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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simple Moments

Moments held in a picture are moments held in the heart. Simple moments like this. Every day, "run of the mill moments"........
 And I'm captured by him...by her......by it all. All that this life holds. Blessings are not measured by greatness,or money spent or by things. Rather, it is measured by love and how much one heart can hold.
I breathe in deep, the smell of fresh cut grass.  The fragrance of life can take you back to places and times you thought were buried deep, but they soon rise to the surface. It's living this life that will bring a long lost smile. It's loving in this life that make simple moments worth while. That look that he gets, I could stare into those eyes all day. And I don't think he realizes it.....How much I love....how much I love him more than yesterday.

I grab my heart, hold onto my camera and snap quick. Because I know all too well Simple Moments are fleeting........Enjoy this life here on this side of heaven, even the simple every day, "run of the mill moments." It matters how you spend it here. It matters to the loved ones around you......It matters to strangers watching you...........

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